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What should be the priorities of the next elected president?

Security and political stability - 0%
Economy and job creation - 0%
Peace and reconciliation - 0%
Reconstruction of infrastructures - 0%

Total votes: 0

How Terrorists Exploit the Media

How Terrorists Exploit the Media

July 10, 2015, Foreign Policy Over the past decade, most attacks by the Taliban and their associated terrorist allies have been orchestrated in pursuit of propaganda. They have carefully selected targets to garner maximum attention and airtime, which in turn spreads fear, undermines the government’s credibility, and gains them...

Saturday, July 18 2015

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Intervention for Human Protection or Violence Provision!

  Sayed N. HashimiMaster of Policing, Intelligence and Counter terroris,Macquair University, NSW Australia      Introduction The international system is the achievement of years’ experience and joint efforts of the world community that could be manipulated based on the status quo. Sovereignty, as a moral contract between sovereign and citizen...

Thursday, March 13 2014

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