Календарь время.


We Think BIG & Act SMART!

Afghans after decades moving between the line of the Extremism and Despotism, as well as Chaos of Technocrats, live in a phenomenal episode of transformation in the aftermath of 9/11. They are currently undergoing a time of crisis and of transition, during which there is an opportunity to redefine our long-term military and security goals.

In order to guarantee the well being of next generation and durable peace, justice and stability, a number of Afghan serving and retired military Generals, security experts, former law enforcement officers, members of parliament MPs, and scholars of universities as well as civil society activists came together to lay down the foundation of the first national military and security Think Tank.

Center for Military Research and Monitoring CMRM which is a nongovernmental, non-political, non-for-profit, non-partisan, non-ideological and an independent organization, founded in 8th of August 2013 and registered on April 2014 with registration number 745.The aim of the organization is to contribute to the peace building, professionalizing Afghan security establishments and institutionalizing accountability and transparency.

CMRM as a first national security and military watchdog, works with the national and international Military and Security agencies not only to address the potential threats to homeland security but would also exclusively focus on technical, tactical and personal challenges being faced the security establishments of Afghanistan.

CMRM seeks to promote an informed understanding of war and military affairs through comprehensive, independent, and accessible open-source research and analysis. CMRM’s research is made available to the general public, military practitioners, policy makers, and members of the media.

In order to analyze military and political developments in any given area, CMRM’s fact-oriented analysts wholly understand the systems of enemy and friendly forces. They also understand the population demographics, physical terrain, politics, and history of that area. This lays the analytic foundation for understanding the reasons for particular developments and fulfilling their assigned research objectives.

CMRM is going to render premium security and military research at strategic, tactical and operational level of planning to both government and non-governmental institutions and is dedicated to deliver standard security service.

CMRM belief that if there is War it should be against extreme poverty, exclusion, lack of dignity, organised crime e.g. human trafficking, corruption, arm smuggling, sabotage and environmental degradation of which we are oftentimes passive eyewitnesses.



Proactively contributing in creating a professional and productive secure environment in Afghanistan by becoming a catalyst in military and security institutions through provision of capacity building and consultancy services.



Creating a professional business environment and discovering capabilities of highly skilled professionals and young Afghan officers for successful management of war and peace who have achieved their capabilities in military operations and from academic sources.

Strategy of the CMRM

Providing strategic thinking about how institutions have to be structured to guard homeland security against a range of potential threats, Analyzing the threats and opportunities shaping national security strategy, Generating innovative approaches to develop policies which recommend solution to the infiltration of enemies into military ranks and establishment.

 Leveraging the capabilities and capacities of private security sector to spread stability and countering insurgency, examining both short- and long-term forecasts and trends to offer insight on current security issues, engaging Afghan military experts and communication with policy makers, analysing demographic trajectories and their associated social, economic, and security implications, endeavors towards empowerment of our military authorities at all levels of leadership (strategic, tactical and operational) Examining the technical and tactical pathology of our armed forces and the insurgents.

Discover capabilities of our young officers for successful management of war and peace who have achieved their capabilities in military operations and from academic sources.

Research on the negative impact of intellectual despotism and obstructionism in military dialogue, which has caused the issues related to peace and war to be followed up with political remarks and tribal conservatism. Establishing armed Conflict Database (Includes information on terrorism, refugees, displaced persons, weapons use and flows and fatalities), Establishing data bank of all national military and political figures of those involved, Analyzing the threat of illegal armed groups, Analyzing the impact of regional conflicts and instability over our security, Organizing seminars/symposiums, Analyzing the complex links between organized crimes, drug traffic and insurgency, Drafting a comprehensive cyber security strategy and establishing an elite counter-cyber team.

Conducting training programs for government and non- governmental individuals, Risks/threat assessment, CMRM believes that every client is valuable and has different security-related concerns and requirement. So it works closely with clients to set program goals and help them understand a variety of security solutions that can be used to mitigate security risks.