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Bass: Release Of Ex-CEO Of Kabul Bank is not acceptable


US ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass says he was disturbed after hearing reports that the Afghan government requested the early release of Khalilullah Frozi, the ex-CEO of Kabul Bank who is accused of having a major role in the collapse of one of Afghanistan’s financial institutions. He said that many Afghans in the country have suffered in the past decade because international assistance funds were stolen for personal gain.

The reactions come after President Ashraf Ghani in a decree ordered the release of Frozi. The text of a presidential decree reads that Mr. Frozi has been released from the detention of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) on the order of Ghani who after assuming office as president in 2014 ordered the review the Kabul Bank bankruptcy case as a symbolic move that many Afghans at the time saw it as Mr. Ghani’s firm action against endemic corruption in public offices. The decree argues that Mr. Frozi has been released due to an illness he suffers from.

The letter states that a task team led by Rashid Totakhel, head of policy and oversight and monitoring office of the president, was assigned to investigate the health condition and financial commitment of Mr. Frozi. Among other critics are Rahmatullah Nabil, the ex-chief of the National Directorate of Security and one of Ghani’s rivals in the upcoming presidential election who said that Mr. Frozi had contributed $30 million to Ghani’s campaign in exchange for his release.

“We have the same concerns. There was/is big ambiguity in fighting corruption due to lack of political will. According to my information/evidences, Khalil Firozy should return $370 million. It is clear to everyone that, how they are misusing our national institutions,” Nabil said in response to Bass’s tweets.

But, President Ghani’s spokesman Sediq Sediqqi rejected Nabil’s statement as false allegations.


“These sources are so misleading that they can even mislead a well-known politician. This has no truth in it Mr. Nabil. Because of his deteriorating health conditions the government has put him under severe house arrest,” Sediqqi responded to Nabil.