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Hameed Gul: Osama bin Laden died a natural death in 2005

June 29, 2015 
The former chief of Pakistan’s spy agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt. General (retd) Hameed Gul claims that Osama bin Laden was not killed by U.S. Navy Seal in Abbotabad. He has told a renowned Pakistani journalist Saleem Safi that the founder and former leader of Al-Qaeda died because a natural death in 2005. 
“In my opinion Osama was not there (Abbottabad). He died a natural death in 2005,” he told Safi during an interview for Geo News. The news comes about fours years after U.S. reported that its Navy SEAL killed the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a raid on his compound in the garrison city of Abbotabad in Pakistan.
 U.S. military said that after the killing bin Laden’s body was flown to Afghanistan for identification and then buried in sea within 24 hours.