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Taliban are the Pawns of Pakistan

November 10, 2014 
The Pentagon report has indeed echoed the renowned fact that Taliban are the pawns of ISI used as proxy forces against the people and the government of Afghanistan. The report in fact acknowledged Pakistan’s duplicity in the war against terror and alarmed the new Afghan government that a positive change from Pakistan’s civil and military establishment is a waste of time. 
However, the importance of this report lies in the following three aspects.

1-       As stated many times by the Afghan officials, the Afghan Taliban continue to operate from Pakistan territory to sabotage the Afghan and regional stability. The Afghan Taliban are trained in the military campuses that were established by the United States in 1950s to train the Pakistan army.

2-      The report concedes the duplicity of Pakistan’s civil and military establishment.

3-      Pakistan has lost its influence in Afghanistan. “Pakistan uses these proxy forces to hedge against the loss of influence in Afghanistan and to counter India’s superior military”. 

Now this is the time for the Afghan government to use this report as strong evidence to convince the international community to pressurize Pakistan and stop it from its reckless strategy.