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MoD Claims No Input on 20 C-127 Purchase

October 11, 2014
In the wake of the news that the U.S. military has sold off 20 carrier planes it purchased for the Afghan National Army (ANA) for scrap, the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) maintained that it was not involved in the purchasing of the planes.
"When the Americans made this agreement with Italy, we were not advised at all," said Dawlat Waziri, MoD spokesman. "So, the Ministry of Defense did not accept the planes and said that they were too old and were not usable; whatever is done, the Americans have done it."
Waziri adds that prior to this most recent case, six planes, fuel for which was $60 per liter, were given back to the U.S. forces after they were supplied for the Afghan forces. He added that the planes that were bought in coordination with the ministry are usable.
"We are very content with the airplanes purchased in consultation with us; we are very happy with the C-140 and M-530," Waziri said. "We are also happy with the fighters purchased for next year, it was purchased with our consultation and our air force commanders have visited them."
Analysts have said the scrapping of the 20 Italian carrier planes is an example of the kind of waste and misappropriation that the Afghan forces cannot afford at this pivotal time in the security transition with NATO forces."So far the arrangement is unclear," military analyst Jawed Kohistani said. "The agreement was made by the U.S. forces and from the moment the planes got to Kabul, they were unusable."
Officials at the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) media referred TOLOnews to the Pentagon when asked about the matter.