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Second rocket attack on Kabul airport within a week

16 July 2014
On Wednesday at around 5:30 a.m. two rockets hit Kabul International Airport , Kabul airport officials said. Haq Nawaz Haqiar, commander of the Afghan border police forces at Kabul Airport said that early Wednesday morning "two missiles were fired by our country enemies on Kabul International Airport
from Deh Sabz district."
One of the missiles hit the military site, which is further away from the commercial site and the second one hit the ninth district of Kabul and fortunately there were no causalities, Haqiar added. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.
This comes after nearly two weeks ago two rockets hit the northern part of Kabul International Airport on Thursday 03 July 2014. Kabul airport Chief Yaqub Rassouli said that the rockets hit the air forces' hangars in the northern part of the airport. He added that the missiles were fired from Deh Sabz district of Kabul.
The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.