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Afghan intelligence rejects Pakistani allegations

August 24, 2014
The Afghan intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) rejected the allegations by Pakistan’s Interior Ministry as baseless. Afghan intelligence – NDS was accused by Ministry of Interior Affairs of Pakistan for attempting to carry out explosions and suicide attacks in public gatherings in Pakistan.
NDS strongly rejected the allegations and said such baseless claims are not true and the government of Pakistan is attempting to spark disturbance among the public by making such claims.
NDS also added that the recent unrest and issues in Pakistan are the country’s internal issues and Afghanistan has suffered more than any other country in the region due to terrorism which has safe havens and training centers in Pakistan.
The terrorist groups which pose a major threat to Pakistan have been trained, supported and provided safe havens in the regions which were under the control of Pakistani government, NDS said.
NDS also added that the government of Afghanistan has shared precise information and evidence regarding the plans
of terrorist groups based in Pakistan and has warned Islamabad on numerous occasions that Pakistan will never remain safe from the threats of terrorism.