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Afghanistan to Call on UN to Help Stop Pakistani Continued RocketsAttacks

27 August 2014
The Afghan government is expected to submit a number of recommendations to the United Nations intended to seek international support in efforts to halt cross-border attacks from the Pakistani military.
The recommendations will be made on the sidelines of the UN's General Assembly meeting scheduled to take place in three weeks.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the Afghan government will ask the UN to put pressure on Pakistan to stop all rocket and artillery fire into Afghanistan, particularly Kunar province, which has been the primary target of the attacks.
Although Islamabad maintains the assaults are part of their efforts to diminish the strength of mutually threatening insurgents along the porous border, political analysts have suggested that instead the Pakistani government is trying to put pressure on Kabul to accept the disputed Durand Line and even make it easier for militants to stage operations out of the area.