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Kabul Bomb Hits Turkish Embassy Car, 2 Killed

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty February 26, 2015 
A suicide car bomb attack has targeted a Turkish embassy vehicle in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing two people. 
The Turkish military said the February 26 blast targeted a vehicle carrying a team tasked with protecting NATO's top envoy in Afghanistan, Ismail Aramaz. It said one Turkish soldier was killed and another wounded. 

An Afghan passerby was also reported killed in the attack, which took place outside the gate of the Iranian embassy, which is adjacent to the Turkish mission. The Afghan Interior Ministry said the vehicle targeted belonged to the Turkish embassy and that the driver was killed in the explosion. 
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast, the first known attack on a Turkish target in the Afghan capital. 
The last similar attack in Kabul took place near the airport last month, when a suicide bomber hit a European Union police vehicle, killing a passerby. In November, a bomber targeted a British embassy car, killing five people, including one British national.