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NATO soldier dies in Kabul stabbing

August 20, 2014


A NATO soldier was stabbed to death on the streets of Kabul on Wednesday, officials said, in an unusual attack that highlighted hostility to foreign troops who are withdrawing from the country. The soldier, whose nationality has not been released, was attacked when a coalition convoy was held at a police checkpoint on the road from the airport into the centre of Afghan capital.




"A man stabbed the foreigner in his neck," Nisar Ahmad, a district police officer on duty, told AFP. "He was rushed to hospital." Police later said a man with suspected links to the Taliban had been arrested and was being questioned. NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) issued a statement saying that "a service member died of wounds as a result of an attack in eastern Afghanistan today."




NATO soldiers are rarely seen on foot in Kabul, but their heavily-protected vehicle convoys have often been targeted by suicide bombers. An official from the city police investigation department said the NATO convoy of fuel tankers was held at the checkpoint. "While the police were checking their documents, a young man attacked one of the foreigners and stabbed him," he said.




While Kabul police claim they have arrested suspected Mr. Abdul Fatah Jahadwall in connection to this deadly attack, Taliban by sending email to media, says their man has safely escape for the scene.